Western Buffalo Company - The Industry

Buffalo have thousands of years of adaptation to our region. They make the maximum use of our region's grasses with the minimum impact. When buffalo had a choice, they chose South Dakota, and our home state still has twice as many buffalo as the next largest buffalo-producing state. Buffalo are put on a finishing grain ration for 4-6 months before slaughter. Buffalo are never fed hormones and only rarely are they subjected to antibiotics. The require less care than other livestock. They are still somewhat wild, but we have modified our plant and our suppliers have modified their handling facilities to accommodate buffalo.

Buffalo meat is a perfect fit for today's environment AND health conscious customer. Buffalo meat can be used in any beef recipe. Buffalo grow slower than other livestock. This (in my opinion) leads to a more flavorful meat. Buffalo meat is naturally lean, has high iron content and is high in essential Omega fatty acids.

Americans are becoming both more health conscious and more environmentally aware. Buffalo meat is a winner on both counts. Customers view what they eat as an investment in future health and environmental well-being. I don't think this is a fad, this is the future.

Buffalo meat is a fantastic product that will continue to find it's way into customer's shopping baskets for all the right reasons. We have hundreds of small/medium-sized marketers who have made their business the place to go if you want quality buffalo meat. I thank those that have taken that step and I look forward to more of you joining the "Buffalo Club."