Western Buffalo Company - About Us

Western Buffalo Company is a family owned meat processing business that is focused on processing and marketing buffalo (American Bison). Buffalo are purchased from within a 500 miles radius of our western South Dakota location. We have been active in the buffalo industry for 30 years. Our production is 150-200 head weekly. We promote this product to small and middle sized marketers nationwide.

We are located in the heart of buffalo country, Rapid City, South Dakota. We have relationships with over 200 buffalo producers and process 5000 buffalo yearly. These producers raise their animals to our specifications. We process the meat and sell nationwide. Our main customers are grocery stores, restaurant distributors, and meat markets. The buffalo industry is an exciting, growing business.

Please take a couple of minutes and giver our updated price/product list a look. Please call and ask for our salesman, Ken Eisenhauer. He can sell you buffalo, work out the best shipping option and generally answer any questions you may have. We don't consider any sale complete until you have placed the next order.

Ken Eisenhauer has been in the meat industry for 40+ years. Al Holzer has been instrumental in plant management for 20+ years. We are truly blessed to have such a great crew.